Probate of Decedent's Estates

The Chancery Court for the 14th Judicial District has had exclusive jurisdiction over the administration of decedent’s estates since 1980. Prior to that time, the County Clerk had probate jurisdiction. All petitions to administer an estate or probate a will must now be filed in Chancery Court. The Clerk and Master conducts probates in her office by appointment. 

Information Form

An information form (PDF) is available and should be completed and submitted prior to the appointment date so that documents can be prepared in advance. Chancery Court will prepare the Notice to Creditors and Letters Testamentary or of Administration. 

General Probate

Chancery Court does not have petition and order forms for a general probate. In all probated estates, a release from TennCare is required regardless of the age of the decedent. 

Small Estates Act

For a small estate without real property and less than $50,000, the following affidavit ay be used.  Affidavit Under the Small Estates Act and forms (PDF).

Court Fees

View the Filing Fees (PDF). In all estates, annual and final accountings are taken and confirmed by the Clerk and Master.