General Sessions Court is a court of limited jurisdiction. Every county in Tennessee is served by its own General Sessions Court with jurisdiction varying from county to county based on state law and private acts. General Sessions Criminal Court jurisdiction is limited to preliminary hearings in felony cases and to misdemeanor trials in which a defendant waives the right to a grand jury investigation and trial by jury in Circuit Court. There are two divisions in the Coffee County General Sessions Courts with an elected Judge to serve in each division. Judge Greg Perry presides over all matters in Part I. Judge Gerald Ewell, Jr. presides over all matters in Part II.

General Information

If you have a disability and require assistance, please contact our local Judicial Program ADA Coordinator, Jenny Anthony, at 931-723-5110 or via email at


General Sessions Criminal Court is held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of each week. General Sessions Criminal, Part I, is held on Tuesday. Part II is held on Monday and Thursday. Trials and preliminary hearings are conducted in the afternoons.

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