Rural Solid Waste

Mission Statement

The Coffee County Rural Solid Waste Department is in charge of county convenience centers. Coffee County's first convenience center opened in April, 1989. This was an innovative step for Coffee County, because that was before the Solid Waste Management Act of 1991 was passed by the state legislature. However, with the passage of that act, all counties in the state were required to build and maintain convenience centers, or to offer a higher level of service to county residents. To that end, Coffee County was a pioneer in the field of solid waste management in Tennessee. There are ten Convenience Center Locations throughout the county, and nine of them accept certain recyclable materials.


All centers are permitted by state law to operate as a convenience center under the guidelines of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, and they are subject to inspection by the state at any time without notice. Failure to comply with state law can result in the immediate closure of a center. As a result of this, there are things that cannot be disposed of at a convenience center. Signs are posted at each center listing some of these items, however, please be aware that these are only partial lists. If you have a question concerning disposal of an item, please ask the attendant. If they do not know, they will find out for you.

Coffee County Convenience Centers are only for the use of rural county residents. This action was taken by county commissioners in 1991 when rural solid waste started being taxed with rural tax dollars instead of county general tax dollars.

Used Tires

The county is also required by the state to maintain a site for the collection of used tires. This site is located at 2180 Murfreesboro Highway in Manchester. It is open for the collection of tires on Thursdays from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. A Coffee County household can dispose of up to 8 tires per year at no charge. Any amount above 8 will be subject to a disposal fee of $2 per passenger tire, or $4 per large truck or tractor tire. Dealers can dispose of tires at this site at no charge if they are registered with the Tennessee Department of Revenue. If they are not registered with the state, they will be subject to the disposal fees listed above, as will junkyards and salvage yards. Businesses, however, will not be allowed an exemption of 8 tires - they must pay for all tires disposed of. Tires will not be accepted that are still on a rim.