Are mobile homes taxable?

Under Tennessee Law, mobile homes are assessed as real property, as an improvement to the land where that mobile home is located, whether on property owned or leased by the mobile home owner or on a lot or pad in a mobile home park where the owner is renting or leasing a space.  A key date to remember is January 1st, which is the statutory “date of assessment.”  Because by definition a mobile home is “moveable”, the possibility exists that it could be located in more than one jurisdiction during any given year.  To prevent it from being assessed for taxes by multiple jurisdictions, a mobile home is assessed in the county where it is physically located on January 1st, no matter how long it remains on site after that date.

Per Tenn. Code Ann. § 67-5-502(a)(1), 67-5-501(4) and 67-5-5-1(10) property (whether that is the land, any improvements to the land such as a deck, or the mobile homes) owned by a mobile home park owner should be taxed as commercial property.  Property that is owned by an individual owner of a mobile home and used for residential purposes should be taxed as residential property.

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