Why is Reappraisal necessary?

Reappraisal eliminates inequities which are created over time by changes in the real estate market, ensuring fairness and equity for all property owners.

A property’s market value can increase or decrease. If the Assessor’s record of a property’s market value does not change with the market, some people could pay too much in property taxes, while others could pay too little.

That’s why the Coffee County Assessor is required to conduct reappraisals. Reappraisals allow the Assessor to adjust property values so that every property in Coffee County is appraised close to market value. The last reappraisal occurred in 2018.

Between reappraisal cycles, the Assessor’s staff:

  • Visually inspects properties in Coffee County so that the Assessor’s assessment records reflect each property’s actual characteristics, such as: square footage, story height, exterior wall type, garage, carport and detached buildings, etc.
  • Verifies all property transfers as they occur in the market place. The Assessor’s staff verifies each sale in order to ensure it is an arms-length transaction.

State law protects property owners from paying more that their fair share of property tax because a reappraisal has occurred. It provides for adjusting the tax rate to a level that would bring in the same amount of revenue as before reappraisal, excluding new construction. This is called the Certified Tax Rate.

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