Is there information regarding the 2022 Reappraisal?

Coffee County property owners began receiving their 2022 Reappraisal Notices, April 25, 2022.  Coffee County goes through a state mandated reappraisal every four years.  The last reappraisal was in 2018.  Property values are market driven and sales of the properties have increased dramatically over the last four years. The reappraisal is a joint effort between the State of Tennessee Division of Property Assessments and the Coffee County Property Assessor’s office.

The notice property owners will receive is not a tax bill, only a notification of the new 2022 value or classification of property.  This is to inform the property owner of the changes in value to the property during reappraisal.

When receiving their new appraised value, people automatically think this will lead to a higher tax bill, this is not necessarily true.  It is possible that a reappraisal could affect the property owners tax bill if the individual property value rose faster (increased) or slower (decreased) than the county wide average. To account for the increased property values, the State of Tennessee sets a certified tax rate.  The certified tax rate law requires counties and cities to certify new property tax rates after a revaluation to make sure higher taxable values do not automatically result in a tax increase. The goal of a reappraisal is to reestablish market value.  The certified tax rate law mandates the new Certified Tax Rate be revenue neutral.

The Property Assessors’ office makes every effort to ensure all unique characteristics of the property are considered in establishing market value.  When property owners have a concern regarding their appraisal, they may request an informal review. This is not an appeal; this is an opportunity for the property owner to share information with the Assessor’s office. The Coffee County Equalization Board meets in June to hear appeals.

The Coffee County Commissioners and the Board of Alderman for each city determined the 2022 tax rate after final values were set.  

For more detailed information about property reappraisal, go to

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17. Is there information regarding the 2022 Reappraisal?