Delinquent Property Taxes

In Coffee County, suits filed by the County and by the cities of Manchester and Tullahoma to collect delinquent property taxes are filed in Chancery Court. Upon the filing of the lawsuits, Chancery Court collects delinquent property taxes, plus statutory penalties, court costs, attorney fees and other costs associated with the collection of delinquent taxes for Coffee County and the City of Manchester.  The City of Tullahoma files its lawsuit in Chancery Court but collects the payments at City Hall in Tullahoma.

Lawsuit Filing

By April 1 of each year, lawsuits have been filed for collection of property taxes unpaid for the previous two years. For example, in April 2008 lawsuits were filed for the collection of taxes due for the tax year 2006. Since real property taxes follow the property, the current owner of the property is responsible for past due real property taxes. Upon proper notice and court order the property may be sold at public auction to collect the amount owed in: 

  • Attorney fees
  • Court cost
  • Expenses
  • Penalty
  • Taxes

Tax Amounts

Because interest and penalties accrue each month and costs associated with the tax suit may be incurred from time to time, please call 931-723-5132 for the current tax amount due for delinquent Coffee County and City of Manchester property taxes. Call 931-455-2648 for the current amount due for delinquent City of Tullahoma property taxes.