Judicial Commissioner

Mission Statement

The position of Judicial Commissioner is to act as independent administrator of the legal process as set forth by Tennessee State law.  Activities associated within this job description include but are not limited to coordinating and assisting with the issuance of arrest warrants, criminal summons, and other criminal processes as part of the due process of state laws and the court system.  Judicial Commissioners serve as a liaison between judges in the General Session court system.


The office of judicial commissioners serves all law enforcement agencies in Coffee County; these include all state, city and county officers.  This also includes representatives from both adult and juvenile probation offices, district attorney's office as well as three separate school systems.  The office is also open to and serves the general public during normal working hours.  Citizens seeking criminal summons should first report criminal activities to the relevant police agency.  Judicial Commissioners deal with criminal law only.  Appointments are not necessary but are encouraged.